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Superior customer support

Are you tired of hiring a developer to write the same code over and over again? With Khameleon you will never have to hire a developer to do the same thing twice.

Hundreds of Packaged Templates

A huge part of the Khameleon software is the prebuilt templates and bug free containers to reuse clean code multiple times.

No Coding Experience? No Sweat!

Immerse yourself in Khameleon’s drag and drop programming (DDS) instead of having to learn how to code the hard way.

Is This Really a Revolution?

Why keep writing the same code? Instead write it right once and reuse it by dragging and dropping the code where you want it.

Going Beyond OOP

Unlike text based OOP frameworks, Khameleon removes code from the application level and ensures components only communicate through named data ports

Creating Software is a Superpower

Nothing is more rewarding, personally or financially, than creating a living system that reaches out and significantly impacts people’s lives.

We're Overdue a Software Development Revolution

According to Moore’s Law hardware developments leap forward every 2 years but software leaps are on 20 year cycles.

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